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Co-Founders & Co-Editors-in-Chief


Hannah Diasti 


Senior studying Biology, Women's Studies, & Health Disparities in Society


Background: I am an Egyptian-American woman born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but raised in Tampa, Florida. 


What DayDream means: Being a creator and contributor to the existence of DayDream has felt like the longest deep breath in. I say that because it has been both such a point of reflection and pride, while also being an incredible feat that has amounted to what we have produced today. DayDream, as a platform, has become a foundation for a larger community of connection between people, stories, and experiences that otherwise would not have crossed paths or had an outlet for expression; DayDream is home.

Future goals/plans: I hope to become a physician who serves her community in deep and intentional ways by supporting those who are underrepresented in and underserved by the healthcare system.

Fluffy Clouds

Michelle Hsia 


Senior studying Neuroscience & Nutritional Sciences 


Background: I was lucky enough to grow up in an amalgamation of both Chinese and Iranian culture in Atlanta, Georgia, the purest reflection of my vast, extended family. This meant LOTS of good food and good music, but it also meant the opportunity to create bridged understanding without the same lived experience.  


What DayDream means: DayDream has been a journey, a test, and a testament to the power of imagination all in one. I've definitely seen myself grow as a person just through the trials that have come from working on a person-centric project during COVID. Being able to write a love letter to Gainesville in this way has been so cathartic and beautiful. In this way, DayDream has been the ultimate "see you later" to this city, to the connections I've made here, and I cannot be more appreciative of every second I've gotten to dedicate to this project. 


Future goals/plans: My career aspirations for the future center around becoming a physician who strives to tackle the barriers to equitable health that currently exist. While I'm not exactly sure what form (or specialty) this might take on in the years to come, I know I want to be a part of the fight for a better future. 

Cinematography Team


Alyssa Archard


Senior studying Digital Arts and Sciences


Background: I'm a Latina filmmaker from Orlando, Florida.


What DayDream means: DayDream is a place to let my voice and creative visions shine. Being surrounded by a team who encourages my growth is everything and more. This is what I've had with DayDream.

Future goals/plans: I'd like to carve a place for myself as a female director in the film industry which is severely lacking in representation. Hopefully, my successes would not only fulfill me, but also make it easier for women like me to tell their own authentic stories and make waves through the medium.

Caitlin Seney


Junior studying Digital Arts and Sciences


Background: I'm from Winter Haven, Florida. 


What DayDream means: DayDream has been so many ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and creative minds and creating something from that. There are so many incredible people that have been a part of making a dream into reality and I'm very thankful that I've been able to be a part of it.

Future goals/plans: I want to work in video production/editing.

Creative Writing Team

IMG_2821 - Hope Dean.jpeg

Amanda Freidman


Freshman majoring in Journalism

Background: For most of my life I lived in South Florida, but have also lived in Michigan and Tennessee. I am ethnically Jewish, Italian, and Ukrainian.  


What DayDream means: DayDream has granted me the opportunity to explore my love for journalism, which I am incredibly thankful for. As a storyteller, my greatest passion is to connect with others of different backgrounds and help tell their stories. Also, DayDream fosters a diverse and welcoming environment which I believe is essential to multifaceted and innovative storytelling. 


Future Goals/Plans: I am aiming to pursue a career in journalism whether it would be as a reporter, producer, or any of the other many career paths in the field. 


Hope Dean 


Senior studying Journalism


Background: I moved a lot as a kid, so I’m from almost everywhere in Florida. The places I’ve lived the longest are Tampa and West Palm Beach.


What DayDream means: DayDream has given me a chance to write about more of what I love, which is telling stories of incredible people. It’s freeing to be with a team who cares about the same subjects that I do, and it’s also freeing to be able to write in a looser, more personalized style instead of the tight-knit news style that I’m used to.


Future Goals/Plans: I want to be a reporter for the Associated Press, and I’d also like to be a published author of fiction. Maybe I’ll even be a lawyer someday!


Naz Hussein


Senior majoring in International Studies Middle East and Telecommunication Production. 


Background: I grew up in my hometown of Kirkuk, Iraq then immigrated to my adopted city Beirut, Lebanon. I then moved to South Florida at the age of 14. I speak English and Arabic. My ethnicity is Kurdish. 


What DayDream means: DayDream has allowed me to pursue my passion for storytelling and social documentation. I’ve always loved to write in various mediums: fiction, non-fiction, and poetry; I even performed spoken word poetry. But college has made it harder to pick up a pen. As director of creative writing, I interviewed diverse people then helped write their stories. This role taught me how to authentically portray others and elevate their voices, which is very valuable to me. 

Future Goals/Plans: I want to advocate for refugee rights through international relations or law school. I hope to continue writing, learn how to DJ, and always love unconditionally. 

Rayaan Ali


Sophomore studying Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience 


Background: I’m Sudanese-American and from St. Petersburg, Florida.


What DayDream means: I left my comfort zone for DayDream. Working with DayDream has allowed me to pursue creative writing outside the realm of academia. I also modeled for the first time ever! Overall, DayDream Magazine has given me access to the vibrant Gainesville community in an era of social distancing.


Future goals/plans: I want to attend medical school and eventually become a psychiatrist with a background in psychotherapy.

Fluffy Clouds

Samantha Cohen


Sophomore studying Sustainability and the Built Environment and Landscape Architecture

Background: I am a Jewish and Dominican American and was raised in Boca Raton, Florida.


What DayDream means: My writing position has given me a purpose and a passion beyond the monotony of online classes and quarantine, and for that DayDream has meant everything to me.


Future Goals/Plans: I have a small business selling handmade jewelry and accessories, so I want to continue expanding that! I plan on taking a break from school to work, volunteer, and figure out what I want to pursue with my bachelor’s degree. Should I decide to go back to school, then I’ll likely go for my master's in landscape architecture or a related field!


Editorial Design Team

IMG_7741 2 - Hannah Nemery.jpg

Annanya Agarwal


Sophomore majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Computer Science


Background: I am from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. My parents are from India, and I speak Hindi at home. I value the deep cultural heritage that my family have passed down to me, and I love to stay close to my roots and practice those values in my daily life. I am a classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer, a traditional Indian dance form, and I love to dance with friends.


What DayDream means: Daydream has been a creative outlet for me to explore graphic design and channel my skills into an incredible project. I am so proud to be on the DayDream team alongside some amazing people, and am so passionate about the message that we are sharing with our work. It has been such a fulfilling journey to work on this magazine from the ground up, and I am so excited to see it blossom.


Future goals/plans: After graduation I hope to attend medical school and go into the field of cardiothoracic surgery. The world changes if you look at it differently, and in the straight jacketed field of medicine I hope to bring my scientific acumen, a passion for medicine, and my creative viewpoint to the table.


Hannah Nemery


Junior majoring in Digital Arts.


Background: Boca Raton, Florida. I enjoy traveling, reading, and being outdoors! 


What DayDream means: DayDream has been an amazing experience that has really allowed me to get in touch with my creative side. It has been such fun working and collaborating with everybody!


Future Goals/Plans: My personal plans are to travel to Europe one day, and my professional plans are to break into the animation industry.


Fluffy Clouds

Kaley Arboleda


Sophomore studying Sustainability and the Built Environment and Women's Studies 


Background: I am Colombian-American and bilingual (Spanish). My hometown is Kissimmee, Florida where I was born and raised. I am the youngest in the family.


What DayDream means: DayDream has given me the opportunity to hone in on my creative skills. I have been able to work hands-on with designing the magazine's first issue while also planning parts of the photography shoots. I love what DayDream stands for, and it embodies its inclusivity and diversity in its staff and both visual and written content. 

Future Goals/Plans: I hope to pursue landscape architecture and design green spaces within urban areas. I would love to pursue this in New York City!

Hair & Makeup


Valeriya Prytkova


Background: My ethnicity is Russian. My hometown is Edmond, Oklahoma. I speak Spanish and Russian. 


What DayDream means: DayDream has been a breath of fresh air amid the hustle of the pre-med life. It has allowed me to rediscover my creative side, reigniting my love for the arts and for the beauty of life itself. DayDream connected me with a community of incredibly talented individuals that continue to support me, inspire me, and nourish my soul. DayDream has been the Renaissance of my undergraduate experience, cultivating a period of rebirth and creativity, and for that, I am forever grateful. 


Future goals/plans: I want to be an actress, but becoming a physician is a close second.

Merchandise Team


Alison Garland


Freshman majoring in Biotechnology and Japanese


Background: I was born in Hollywood, Florida, and am ethnically Jewish and Colombian. I speak English and Spanish, and I'm learning Japanese. 


What DayDream means: It has meant a new understanding of how my creativity can become part of something greater and help develop an aesthetic alongside other creative and talented thinkers. With new opportunities have come new friends. :)

Future Goals/Plans: I hope to eventually do research on regenerative sciences or diseases and contagions while developing a personal art brand and continuing to create.

Gina Wang


Background: I am Asian American and from Cupertino, California.


What DayDream means: DayDream has continually challenged me to think more creatively and allowed me to push my creative boundaries. As a new team member, I see that with every project everyone on the team is so visually driven and ambitious. I couldn't be more grateful to be apart of this journey and it is truly deserving to see our visions come to life. I am excited with the release of issue 1 and even more so, looking forward to coming issues. 

Future Goals/Plans: To keep on working on my craft. Keep on spreading joy, happiness, and wisdom to others. And never stop being creative.

Photography Team


Luis Parera


Senior majoring in Animal Sciences

Background: I am Cuban born and raised until the age of seven. I speak Spanish and English. My family currently resides in Miami. My hobbies include photography, spending time with my dog Xena, traveling, and working out. 


What DayDream means: DayDream has been a creative outlet for me. As a STEM major on the Pre-Vet track it can be difficult to express myself through art. DayDream has provided me with many opportunities to showcase and develop my creative side. DayDream has also been a great way to meet amazing people in my community and highlight parts of our community. It has been a great journey watching this project unfold this past year, and I couldn’t be more proud of the team for what we accomplished. 


Future goals/plans: For the near future my goal is to get into vet school and continue to improve my photography hobby. I’m also planning some photoshoots that will be part of a bigger series showcasing animals and their impact in our lives.

Nicole Guillen


Senior majoring in Criminology and Psychology

Background: I'm from Miami, Florida. I'm half Peruvian, half Cuban and Lebanese. I speak both Spanish and English. 


What DayDream means: DayDream has meant fostering an inclusive creative community and connecting with like-minded individuals to produce amazing content! DayDream has granted me an incredible creative outlet and came at a time when I needed it the most. I had been feeling uninspired yet eager to create things and DayDream found me at the perfect time. I have already learned so much from my experience and I cannot wait to celebrate the magazine coming to life!

Future Goals/Plans: I want to start grad school in the fall of 2021 to pursue a master’s in journalism! I aim to have a career in creative activism, specifically producing media/documentaries on social justice issues. I am currently waiting to hear about grad school decisions and am hoping to move out of state, ideally New York City!


Sophie Szymula


Freshman majoring in Marketing

Background: I'm Polish-American and from Rockledge, Florida. I currently study the Russian and Spanish languages.


What DayDream means: DayDream has meant the chance to develop creatively and try things I've never had the chance to do before, as well as meeting an amazing group of people to work with.

Future goals/plans: I plan to finish up my bachelor's degree after possibly double-majoring in Advertising and eventually work my way up to a marketing manager or creative director position in a big city like NYC.



Amy Dunn 


Sophomore studying Journalism

Background: I am Irish and German and I’m from Sarasota, Florida.


What DayDream means: To me, DayDream has meant meeting new people and creating an inclusive environment!

Future Goals/Plans: I’m not sure what I want to do career-wise, but my dream is to live in Manhattan!

Social Media


Maggie Murphy 


Sophomore studying Agricultural Education and Communication

Background: I was born in Georgia, raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania. 

What DayDream means to me: Becoming a part of DayDream has introduced me to such an accepting and unique group of individuals. Each and every person within this organization strives to express their true selves and passions, expressing in their own ways what DayDream means to them and what they believe the power of this magazine can do. Working alongside DayDream has opened my perspective to the power of community, art, photography, and language in a magazine more than I ever thought it could. Being able to work as social media director has allowed me to spread our message to a mass group of many different individuals within our campus community and beyond, and I could not be more grateful to be a part of this amazing organization that I have become a part of. 

Future goals/plans: I plan to finish up my bachelor’s degree in science with a focus on Agricultural Education and Communication with a specialization in leadership development. Once I complete college, I hope to work with an organization that combines my love for communication and agricultural and/or wildlife conservation efforts.

Styling Team

6A25C604-55D0-4B56-BAE2-FEE103BF8C77 - G

Ghaya Abubakar


Senior studying Linguistics and Arabic

Background: I was born and raised in Dubai, UAE by an Italian mother and a Zanzibari father. I speak Italian, English, Spanish, and am currently learning Arabic as well. 


What DayDream means: Inclusivity. Having been on other magazines, I’ve sometimes had my voice excluded or ignored. DayDream has proven to me in everything that they do that they want to include all of their members, all perspectives, and all voices.

Future goals/plans: I want to get involved with fashion in my future. I see myself as a designer and hope that one day I can start creating my drawings into reality.

Kandace Marciniak


Sophomore pre-med majoring in Biology

Background: I was raised in Weston, Florida, but now I call Tallahassee my home. My mom's side has Canadian, Irish, and French while my dad's side has Polish. We celebrate being Irish the most and practice as Catholics.


What DayDream means: DayDream was something that called to me as a different way to challenge my creativity. It has taught me how to collaborate with others' visions, which I think will be applicable in almost any career.

Future goals/plans: I aspire to go to medical school out of state or even out of the country as I want to experience different environments. I hope to be a surgeon but I am keeping my mind open as I want my career to embody my attention to detail and my hope for a field that supports better mental health.


Saja Hussein


Junior pre-law majoring in Political Science

Background: I'm Palestinian.


What DayDream means: DayDream is a creative space filled with earnest individuals who really value sustainable fashion and the comfort that our style brings us. Fashion isn’t always about finding the most eclectic pieces; it can tell a story through the pieces you were and the shoots you do. Because of that, I’ve loved being able to tell new stories with each shoot’s unique team and models throughout this year.

Future goals/plans: I plan on applying to law school after graduating from UF and am interested in family law!

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