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Gainesville, just as any other city, is crowded with life, people, ideas and beauty. Its warmth lingers in the oak trees dotting the edges of the UF campus, through the misty fog above Paynes Prairie, to its very citizens  to you and me. 

Daydream’s second issue, A Tree Grows in Gainesville, seeks to capture the reality of our city — and the incidents that intertwine its past, present, and future.

In uprooting our history, entangling the vines of our lives, and celebrating the core of our city. We hope that you take your experiences here to heart wherever you go.


For those whose time is short in Gainesville, don’t fret. The city goes where we do.


Whether it’s the conversations shared with strangers downtown, the savory taste of your favorite local cuisine, the band that struck a chord in your soul, or the vivid and inevitable hues of a five-star sunset — Gainesville is full of wonder — that we all have the capacity to see.


You just have to give it a chance.


Inspired by the classic novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith, our second issue builds on our first to add another chapter to Gainesville’s perpetual coming-of-age story

** Disclaimer: Most models captured in photography and videography pieces are NOT the interviewees for the writing works. Please go to "Our Contributors" to see more!**

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